July Wrap Up

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  • To be honest, July was pretty boring for me! We moved at the end of June and most of July was spent settling into our new apartment and getting back into some semblance of a routine. We love our new place and it already feels like home!
  • I got my braces off in July, which I was SO excited about! This was my second time around with braces and being an adult with braces was NOT fun. I was always self conscious about how I looked in them – if they were getting too discolored (because, let’s be real – no way I’m giving up my coffee!), or if I had food in my teeth… I’m so happy to be braces free now and I’m smiling all the time!
  • My company had their annual company party in July! It’s always nice to have an excuse to dress up fancy for a night of fun with your coworkers outside of the office. I look forward to these parties every year because they are always a blast!
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  • If you can’t tell, I’m still in a bit of a blogging slump! I can’t believe it’s more than half way through August and I haven’t posted a single thing yet. Hopefully that changes in the next few weeks… I have full intentions of posting a bunch of book reviews over the next few weeks, but no promises! Blogging is a hobby for me, so I don’t force it when I’m not in the mood.
  • Honestly, my latest obstacle has been a new obsession with Pokemon Go. The obsession is real guys – J and I are going out on Pokemon hunts for about two hours every night after work, which doesn’t leave me a lot of time to read, much less blog!
  • I still had a pretty great reading month with completing 6 books! So have no fear, even if you aren’t hearing from me on the blog, I am still reading. 🙂
  • I’m still around on Twitter, but you can also follow along with my reading updates on GoodReads and my Snapchat (@jadetink). I’ve fallen in love with Snapchat stories as a medium for sharing what I’m doing and reading in the moment! Now that Instagram has a story feature, I’m going to try to do updates on there as well.
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    How was your July? Read any good books?

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4 Responses to “July Wrap Up”

  1. Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

    Yay, I remember getting my braces off back in school, my teeth felt so big! Congratulations on the move Jade! It looks like you read some fantastic books this month, I just picked up This Savage Song today. I stopped using Snapchat but at least Instagram stories gives me that fix.

  2. Maraia

    I’m glad you’re settled into your new place! It must be amazing to not have roommates anymore, haha.

    Ugh, I had braces my senior year of college, and it really does suck having them as an adult. It was my third time, so they were only on the bottom, but I was still self-conscious about them and never wanted to smile too widely, etc. XD I’m so happy for you that you’re now braces-free. \o/

    I never played Pokemon as a kid, so I don’t really understand the current obsession with Pokemon Go, but I think it’s hilarious. Every time I went for a walk in Germany, it was immediately obvious who was playing it, lol.