October Wrap Up

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  • Harry Potter Themed Escape Room?? – I have been hearing about escape rooms from my friends who have done them. They always sound so fun and I’ve been looking for one to participate in. A group of people from my work decided to do a Harry Potter themed one for some bonding and asked if I was interested. Of course I said YES, and I’m so glad I did! It was a blast and I will definitely be doing more escape rooms in the future. It is such a fun activity to do with friends!
  • Yoga – I recently bought a few Groupons to some of the nearby yoga studies. I LOVE yoga but haven’t been doing much of it since I moved to California three years ago. I got my start in yoga with a type of hot yoga called Bikram. Sadly, it’s really expensive to have a monthly membership out here and that is why I basically haven’t done yoga in three years! It feels really good to get back into a regular practice. I’m noticeably much less stressed out!
  • Wedding PlanningI haven’t talked about this much on the blog yet, but I’m actually planning a wedding for next June! “J” and I are technically already married, which may be a surprise to some of you since my (very outdated) bio says that we are engaged. We had a court house marriage not long after getting engaged and are now in the process of planning a larger wedding for our friends and family. Now that we are less than a year out, wedding planning is going into full gear! It’s been fun but a little stressful at the same time. Needless to say, I’ve been spending a lot of time getting lost on Pinterest and not doing enough actual planning.
  • Wedding Dress Shopping – I am still searching for a dress. By now I’ve spent a lot of time looking online as well as trying things on in the stores. I’ve been shopping with one of my bridesmaids and with my maid of honor. My MOH came to visit me for a long weekend this month and we packed in a lot of dress shopping. It was so great to spend time with her and try on so many beautiful dresses! I have a trip home planned for next month to try on MORE dresses with my mom. I can’t wait to find the perfect dress!
  • Pokemon Go – While the rest of the world has started to slow down with their Pokemon obsession, we are still playing over here! “J” is definitely more consistent than I am, but we try to get out and play together at least once a week. Pokemon Go had a special event going on during the last week of October (DOUBLE CANDIES!!) so we tried to make the most of it during that time. We hope there are more special events coming in the future because it definitely made the game more fun during that short time period.
  • Movies – We only watched two movies this month!
    • Train to BusanThis is a Korean zombie movie! I heard about this movie from the Youtuber/Booktuber Impression Blend when she reviewed it earlier this month. I LOVE zombie movies and after her great review I couldn’t wait to watch it. I thought it was very well done and definitely a top zombie movie for me. The idea of being stuck on a train with zombies, as well as zombies being at every train stop, is quite terrifying! If you don’t mind dubbed movies, I say definitely check this one out!
    • The Girl on the TrainI saw this movie when my MOH was in town and we both thought it was great! I think Emily Blunt did an amazing job of portraying the main character. I think the way things are revealed as the story progresses was perfect and I loved the way it ended. I did not read the book prior to seeing the movie, so I can’t really compare the two. I honestly probably won’t go on to read the book now since I know the major plot twists (at least I think I do! Let me know if you have read the book and think it’s really different from the movie!).


  • Blogging Slump – After having a super productive month last month, I had the opposite type of month in October! I was pretty busy with life stuff (re:wedding planning!). I plan to turn this around in November – which is why I’m hosting the #BookBlogvember blogging challenge. If you need some extra motivation in November too, check it out!
  • Reading – My reading wasn’t great in October either. I went and checked out a ton of library books (see my library haul video!) but didn’t actually get a lot of reading done. I still want to read all these books though, so I’m hoping for a better reading month in November.

October Reviews:

Sadly, I suck and I didn’t post a single book review in October 🙁 November should be much better in this respect, especially with #BookBlogvember going on!

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How was your October? Read any good books?

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8 Responses to “October Wrap Up”

  1. Maraia

    Oooh, I saw you mention the HP escape room on Twitter, and it sounds SO COOL. I’ve never even heard of that before. Did you ever actually feel trapped?

    Haha, it’s hilarious that you guys are still playing Pokemon Go. But I also think it’s kind of cute. 😛

  2. Sebastian

    Oh my God the Harry Potter escape room thing sounds SO cool, I’m quite jealous now! I’ve heard from quite a few people already that those escape rooms are a lot of fun and I definitely want to try one some day!

    I totally feel you when it comes to your October reading slump because I’ve only managed to read (or listen to) four books last month myself – November is definitely going much better so far! 😀

    I’m glad you liked the GIRL ON THE TRAIN movie! I’ve read the book quite a while ago and have forgotten a lot but I definitely still want to watch the movie. After reading some rather negative reviews it’s encouraging to see that you enjoyed it! 😀

    Also congrats to getting married! ;D
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    • Jade @ Bedtime Bookworm

      I recommend the escape rooms! So fun, but they definitely can be difficult. Yay, I’m glad November reading is already looking better – same for me too! I’m not the hardest critic to impress when it comes to movies, but I genuinely think it was well done. Like I said, I haven’t read the book though. I found the twists surprising and I didn’t see them coming, but since you’ve read it you might remember stuff as you watch it. Let me know what you think if you do watch it!
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