The Cryptic Lines by Richard Storry

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The Cryptic Lines by Richard StorryThe Cryptic Lines by Richard Storry
Published by Richard Alan Storry on March 16th 2016
Genres: Fiction, Mystery
Format: Audiobook
Narrator: Jake Urry
Source: Audiobookworm Promotions
Length: 4 hours and 13 minutes
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3.5 Stars

In a remote, crumbling, gothic mansion the aged Lord Alfred Willoughby writes his Last Will and Testament, and deliberates over what is to become of his vast fortune after his passing. The obvious thing is to leave it to his only son, Matthew, but the boy has grown up to become a wastrel, unable to hold down a job and constantly relying on hand-outs from his father. So what to do? He finds himself torn. His head tells him to leave Matthew nothing at all; but his heart feels differently. After all, he is still his son...

Finally, he settles on the solution: In one last-ditch attempt to show his son that nothing worth having is gained without effort he sets a series of enigmatic puzzles. If Matthew can successfully solve them he will inherit the entire estate. If he fails, he receives nothing.

However, it emerges that Matthew is not the only interested party. The mansion hides many secrets, and things are not at all as they first appear...

The Audiobook

I listened to this audiobook almost all in one day! I had a a bit of driving to do one weekend early in October. I thought this book would the perfect audiobook to kick off my mood for the month of October. This is a pretty short book and it was nice to be able to listen to the whole thing in just a day or two. I really enjoyed the narrator’s voice! Jake Urry has a very deep voice that makes him sound much older than he his. His deep, rumbling voice was perfect for the setting of this story and definitely gave me the mystery vibe I was looking for. Check out an excerpt of the audiobook below:


The Plot and Setting

This story is set in a gothic mansion and begins in the middle of a storm. Throughout the story, we explore this huge mansion that is full of hidden rooms and passages. I loved this setting and it really reminded me of a classic mystery story with hidden clues. As far as the mystery itself, I enjoyed following the characters solve one clue and move on to the next. It felt almost like the characters were playing a game – that is until things take a more serious turn. I will say that at some point, the solving of the clues started to become a bit monotonous. However, as the characters near solving the mystery things get a little crazy! The ending definitely took me by surprise and was not what I was expecting.

The Characters

While I enjoyed the characters in this story, I’m not emotionally attached to any of them. I think this partially is due to the short nature of the book (it’s only 136 pages in physical form, so it’s novella length). I found Lord Alfred Willoughby to be quite an interesting character, but sadly we don’t get to spend much time with him. I enjoyed the main character’s POV but I also didn’t find him to have much of a personality. I found the main character to be a bit flat and I think this contributed to my lull in enjoyment during the middle of the story.

In Summary

Overall, I enjoyed this little mystery story! The process of solving each clue to solve the final mystery kept me interested and intrigued, despite finding the main character a bit dull at times. The way the mystery wrapped up really took me by surprise and made me see the whole story in a different way. The narrator’s deep voice was perfect for this gothic mansion setting. I recommend this audiobook to anyone looking for a short mystery story with a bit of a creepy setting.


About Richard Storry

Richard is the author of four published novels, with his fifth “A Looming of Vultures” due for publication in 2017. Prior to writing his first novel, “The Cryptic Lines” he was very busy in the theatrical world: He composed the incidental music to Chekhov’s Three Sisters, seen in London’s West End, starring Kristin Scott Thomas and Eric Sykes, and subsequently broadcast on BBC4 television. His musical adaptation of “The Brothers Lionheart” premiered at London’s Pleasance Theatre, followed by a successful run at the Edinburgh Festival where it was voted Best Childrens’ Play. “The Cryptic Lines” has now been adapted for both the stage and screen.


About Jake Urry

Jake Urry is a British actor and audiobook narrator, and also co-founder of Just Some Theatre. Since graduating from an Acting degree course in 2012 he’s toured with Just Some Theatre as an actor and producer, worked on a number of commercial voice over projects and most recently started producing Audiobooks. Jake has produced over 10 titles since March 2016 and has rapidly found himself at home narrating Thriller, Horror, Mystery and Suspense titles. His audiobook work includes dark psychological thrillers White is the Coldest Colour and Portraits of the Dead by John Nicholl, occult mystery series The Ulrich Files by Ambrose Ibsen, and gritty Sci-Fi novel Shadows of Tomorrow by Jessica Meats.

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