Life Update – Back from Hiatus!

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It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted anything on the blog. I’ve had a lot of things going on in my personal life and I was juggling too many things – keeping up with my blog was one of the first things to go. I’ve also been on hiatus on Twitter for months and stopped posting on my BookTube channel long ago as well. Basically, my book life hasn’t existed for the past few months. I’m not sure if anyone missed ME, but I definitely missed the book world!

What I’ve Been Up To

Started a new position at work

  • I changed positions at work. I’m now working in a different department and with a new group of people. While the initial transition was a bit stressful since I had so many new things to learn, I’ve really enjoyed it so far! It’s always great to take opportunities to learn new things – am I right??

Moved half way across the country

  • That’s right – we moved from southern California back to north Texas to be closer to friends and family. While we loved living in CA, we really missed our loved ones and are so happy to be back. I’ve already noticed I have less free time compared to when I lived in CA simply because I have more people I want to spend time with – which is great for my social life, but makes my internet life a little harder 🙂

Attended YALLWest

  • Before I left the great state of CA, I was lucky to be able to attend YALLWest in Santa Monica at the end of April. This was my second year to attend this book festival and I had a blast! I got to hang out with some dear bookish friends as well as meet some amazing authors. Now that I won’t be local to the festival, I’m not sure I will be able to attend next year. But I hear there are some great book festivals here in TX as well, so I’m excited to check those out. Leave your recommendations in the comments!

Planned and had a wedding

  • While “J” and I have been married for a bit, we hadn’t had our larger celebration with family and friends until June of this year. I did most of the planning for the wedding myself and while the wedding had been in the works for a while, there was A LOT to be done in the last few months leading up to it. Everything turned out perfectly and we had such an amazing day. I hope to share some pictures and video from that day with you guys in the future!

Starting the process of buying a house

  • Now that we are back in our home state, “J” and I would really like to buy our own house and get settled. We are currently living with family while we are looking, which we LOVE after having been out of state for 4 years. We are first time home buyers so the process has been new to us and a bit daunting. I’ll keep you updated on our progress!

Went to NYC to see Anastasia on Broadway

  • Just last weekend I was in NYC (the image above is from Central Park!). I was so thrilled to have the chance to see Anastasia on Broadway. Anastasia was my FAVORITE animated film when I was growing up and when I heard they had turned it into a musical I was SO EXCITED. The musical was AMAZING, they did a great job of adapting the animated film to a Broadway musical. I also had the chance to meet Brittany @ Brittany’s Book Rambles in person and catch on up life with her. She took me to a great Korean BBQ restaurant and showed me around The Strand – thanks for showing me around girl, you da best! Then my last day in NYC I enjoyed walking through Central Park, stopping occasionally for a reading break. It was a fantastic trip all around!

My Plans for Blogging

I’m really excited to be blogging again and I’m hoping to get on a more regular schedule. I’ve decided to make some changes to my content, because what I had been trying to do wasn’t working for me. Ever since I started this blog, I tried really hard to post a book review of EVERY book that I read. While this worked well in the beginning when I was only reading a couple books a month, I quickly was reading so too many books and I wasn’t able to keep up with reviewing every one. I’ve finally decided to give up on reviewing every book here – trying to do that was stressing me out and taking the fun out of blogging.

Instead, I’ll be writing short reviews of all the book I read on my GoodReads account and do a monthly wrap up on the blog with links to those reviews. I will also be posting weekly Currently Reading posts, and some tags or memes (such as Top Ten Tuesday or Waiting on Wednesdays), monthly wrap ups, and updates from my BookTube channel. This plan is definitely a work in progress – I’ll see how it goes and change things if it doesn’t work for me. Feel free to leave me ideas for posts in the comments – whether its other tags or memes you enjoy seeing or ideas for discussion posts.

I’m so happy to be back from hiatus! Tell me something you’ve read recently and LOVED – I’m so out of the loop!

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8 Responses to “Life Update – Back from Hiatus!”

  1. Maraia

    Of course we missed you!!

    I’m so glad you’re back near family and friends, but I’m also very jealous right now, haha.

    Were you in NY for work? I didn’t realize you went to a Broadway show. It’s such a great experience!

    YAY FOR NOT REVIEWING EVERY BOOK!!! I finally convinced S to do the same this year, and it’s been way better. (Although I don’t know how he feels about it, lol.) I think it’s a great decision. 😊

    I’m listening to the last book in the Unhewn Throne trilogy by Brian Staveley, and you need to add it to your audibook TBR! It’s now one of my favorite fantasy series, and the narration is fantastic.
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    • Maraia

      Oops, I definitely didn’t mean to include a link to S’s latest review. 😂 I HAVE been blogging with him, though, which is surprisingly really fun!!

    • Jade @ Bedtime Bookworm

      Haha, I don’t blame you for your jealousy – you’re so brave to have moved so far away!!! I was in NY JUST to see the broadway play and it was so amazing! I love musicals anyway, but Anastasia is very near and dear to my heart.

      AHHH I’m already debating changing my mind about not reviewing every book haha – even though I already put that in writing. It’s so hard to let go! And I just feel like my blog will be incomplete…. BLAH I don’t know what to do. How DOES S feel about not reviewing every book?? I’m curious to know how that’s going for him. Hopefully its liberating haha.

      I just checked and that series is already on my TBR, even though I don’t remember hearing about it LOL. I know that our fantasy tastes align so I’m very excited read it!
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      • Maraia

        Thanks, Jade! <3 Oh, that's awesome!! I'm glad you got to see it. 🙂

        Hahaha, stay strong! I guess you have your answer from Sebastian. 😛 Do you think other people who don't review every book they read have incomplete blogs? Yours won't be incomplete, either! And you'll have more time to write about things you actually want to discuss or share. Also, like Sebastian said, you'll be able to read without the thought of your growing review pile hanging over your head.

        YAY! Do you still have time to listen to audibooks now that you've moved?
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        • Jade @ Bedtime Bookworm

          It’s true, other people’s blogs aren’t incomplete – I’m being silly 🙂 I’ve really enjoyed the last couple batches of short reviews I’ve done recently though! I actually haven’t been listening to audiobooks lately – I haven’t made any progress on my current one since I got back from my trip to NYC. It’s not really that I don’t have time for it, I just haven’t been making it a priority – I need to work on that LOL. Because I WANT to finish my audiobook. I have about a 20 min commute most days that I could listen, I’ve just been choosing to listen to music instead lately.
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          • Maraia

            It’s not silly if that’s how you feel!

            I think short reviews are great as a reader, too. 😛

            Wait, where do you commute to? I thought you were working from home!

  2. Sebastian

    Welcome back, Jade, of coursed we missed you! 😉

    Sounds like you had quite some busy months, I would totally have freaked out with so many things suddenly changing XD

    I would say it’s definitely a good idea to write and post less reviews, reviewing every book didn’t always feel super stressful for me because it had become a routine but now that I don’t “have to” do it anymore it feels definitely much better and it’s absolutely liberating, especially because you can just pick the books you want to read and don’t have to think about reviewing them afterwards. Sometimes for me it was like “oh I would really love to read this book right now but I’m sure it’s really hard to review because it deals with such a sensitive topic/is so long/whatever” and then I sometimes decided against reading it 😀 Also I often was afraid to pick shorter books because they would make my review to-do list grow much faster and now I can just read whatever I want. I also thought (and am still thinking) about posting blog posts with two or three short reviews at once for books I really want to write something about but so far I just posted my thoughts in short Goodreads reviews because I’m not sure about how I would want to do such a format on my blog.

    I hope that helps you with your decision 😀

    (Let’s see if I still end up in your spam folder after this long break ;P)
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    • Jade @ Bedtime Bookworm

      Thanks for your take on the whole “review every book” situation! I don’t think I’ve ever avoided a book because I thought the review would be hard to write, but I’ve definitely intentionally slowed down reading because I wanted to get more caught up on reviews – which of course never happens LOL. I’ve done two posts with multiple short reviews so far and I’ve really enjoyed that! It’s definitely a lot easier than doing more in depth reviews and a lot less intimidating, which makes it easier for me to get started.

      (and yay! you didn’t go into spam! I have no control over this haha, or if I do I can’t figure out how)
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