Review Policy & Rating System

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Review Policy

I am currently open to requests for books to be reviewed and will consider every request. I will accept books at my discretion and acceptance does not guarantee a review. I read fantasy, sci-fi, and dystopian in both young adult and adult genres. I accept both physical and ebooks (Kindle) for review. All reviews will clearly state where I got the book from. My reviews contain my honest opinion of the book and my experience reading it, even if it was a negative experience. In my review, I summarize and explain the elements I did and didn’t enjoy in the book. The review will be posted here on Bedtime Bookworm and Goodreads. In addition, they may also be shared over my social media and cross posted on other book review websites, at my discretion.

Rating System

I use a 1-5 heart rating, with half hearts. See an in-depth explanation of my rating system here.

5 Heart Rating Small 2

5 Heart Rating
I absolutely loved this book and can’t stop singing it’s praises. I enjoyed the writing, plot, and characters and can’t stop thinking about this book, even days afterwards. I’ll recommend this book to all my friends and I may actually reread it (I rarely reread!).

4 Heart Rating Small

4 Heart Rating
I greatly enjoyed this book despite it’s minor flaws, but it didn’t blow me away. I’ll recommend this book to some friends. I may reread it, but it’s not likely.

3 Heart Rating Small

3 Heart Rating
I enjoyed this book overall but it had definite flaws and didn’t leave a lasting impression. It had elements I enjoyed and elements that didn’t work for me, but I was able to overlook those flaws to enjoy the overall story. I’ll encourage others to give it a shot.

2 Heart Rating Small

2 Heart Rating
This book had many flaws and I struggled to continue reading it – in fact I may not have finished it. If I didn’t finish it, I read more than 50% of it before deciding to stop due to my personal feelings towards the book. I will not recommend this book to others.

1 Heart Rating Small

1 Heart Rating
I had major problems with elements in this book and did not get past 50%. I will always read at least 100 pages or 30% of a book (whichever is longer) before deciding I cannot make myself finish the book. I will not recommend this book to others.

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